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Causes of Excessive Hair Growth in Females?

What Causes Women to Grow Facial Hair

What Causes Women to Grow Facial Hair?

Androgen is a sex hormone which helps to start puberty, body development and reproductive health. Androgen hormone is basically a male hormone, but very little amount is produced in females. If their level increase in females, it caused different conditions in them. Facial hair growth is one of the results of high level of androgen in females. Facial hair growth is a common condition in females; therefore, they used different tactics to get rid of them. Let’s talk about how to get rid of your facial hair. If you are female the medical term for this is hirsutism which follows a more male pattern where there’s hair on the face. There’s hair sometimes on the back and the chest as well.

Causes of Facial Hair in Females

  • Now the number one cause of this condition is PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). PCOS means the disturbance in the normal functioning of ovaries due to which irregular periods occur in females. There are other causes too like;
  • you could have a tumor on your adrenal glands
  • Or a tumor on your pituitary gland
  • you could also have a condition called Cushing’s a syndrome, where your adrenals are pumping out way too much cortisol.

Symptoms of PCOS

The symptoms for PCOS are;

  • heavy cycles or no cycles
  • acne
  • weight gain in the mid-section
  • deeper voice
  • infertility
  • Insulin resistance all because of high androgens

Normally women should have some androgens but it shouldn’t be excessive. There are usually lower amounts of androgens and higher amounts of estrogen. Now the reason you’re probably reading this is because you have facial hair and you’re trying to solve this problem but it’s incredibly confusing. I’m going to tell you why it’s incredibly confusing and what to do about it.

If you research facial hair, you’re going to stumble on this PCOS thing. Then you’re probably going to want to look at some really credible scientifically based evidence on this topic. So, you can do your research and of course, you’d go to different websites like Most of websites are really censoring information, which are allowing certain information and not allowing certain information. So, it’s a crap shoot on such websites especially if you’re looking at medical information.

Risk Factors for PCOS

  • Different chemicals in our diet or stuff to which we are dealing with on daily basis are endocrine disruptors.
  • But they’re mainly going to increase estrogen.
  • And if you increase estrogen, you’re going to lower androgen. So, you might even make a little a bit better and change the ratios but probably not.

How different websites misguide people by recommending wrong remedial factors for PCOS

On most of the websites they will go on to say there’s no cure but you can also say, in the meantime, they are recommending different treatment ways like;

  • Birth control pills:

They are recommending taking birth control pills. So, again why would that work? Well, you’re increasing the ratios of estrogen and hopefully bringing down androgens.

  • Metformin:

Also, metformin why would that work? Well, it’s going to help reduce insulin by making insulin more sensitive because it targets insulin resistance. But it has side effects because it is a medication.

  • Drugs:

They also recommend certain drugs that make insulin more sensitive.

  • Low Gi Foods:

Now as far as for the diet what they recommend they recommend low Gi foods (glycemic index foods). These foods make total sense because obviously there’s insulin resistance involved. But of course, the foods that they recommend will confuse you.

  • Fruits:

why would be eating fruits be helpful? It helps you lower insulin, doesn’t raise insulin because they are sweet.

  • Vegetables:

They recommend vegetables and whole grains. I hope someday someone will let me know why eat whole grains are good for facial hair or PCOS or lowering insulin? I’d like to know because this turns into carbohydrates very quickly and it’s going to raise insulin.

  • Relation between Hyperinsulinemia and PCOS:

According to different websites, with PCOS there also is an association with hyperinsulinemia that’s high insulin in your bloodstream. So, let’s check one of the websites on internet like Wikipedia and see what they say hyperinsulinemia is. They say the cause comes from either a Neoplasm which is cancer, pancreatic cancer, trans fats, and PCOS which is very confusing. So basically, they’re saying PCOS causes high insulin in the blood. I mean that makes no sense and now you’re going to be really confused.

What’s the relationship there? How could PCOS high levels of androgens actually cause hyperinsulinemia? It can’t. It’s illogical

So, at this point in your research, you’re going to be utterly completely confused simply because you are doing your evaluation from a bad source or from the wrong source. Most of the resources on websites are not the best source of data you should be evaluating. So, you should mainly focus on the research-based resources because they provide experimented data which is for most of the time is correct.

How facial hair emerges?

  • When you increase insulin, you have excess insulin in your body
  • When you have excess insulin in your body, you’re going to get high androgens
  • high insulin causes high levels of androgens which then cause PCOS
  • High level of androgens then gives you facial hair

So, what’s the connection between different factors that lead to facial hair? High insulin is at the root of PCOS and facial hair.

How to Remove facial hair:

So, the solution is obviously to lower insulin and if you do that and you look at this everything makes sense because as soon as;

  • You lower the insulin, you lower androgens and guess what happens? your cycle comes back to balance
  • your acne goes away
  • you become more fertile
  • you also get rid of insulin resistance
  • you’re going to lose weight
  • Also, the fat cells will stop producing this other thing. it’s an enzyme that’s called aromatase. Aromatase is basically kind of enzyme that converts your testosterone to estrogen. So, it raises your estrogen. That’s probably what’s behind this no cycle, infertility problem but obviously, this extra fat that’s making this extra estrogen is not necessarily countering the high levels of androgen because the diet needs to change to fix that.

How can you lower insulin level?

How do you lower insulin? Very simply, you should lower carbohydrates and should lower the frequency of meals like getting rid of snacks.

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