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The Best Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

Is it possible to have some health benefits from pizza? Yes, but you have to do the healthy version of a pizza. A veggie pizza which I’m going to give you the recipe now. My favorite food of all time is veggie pizza. I’ve ate a lot of pizza and I remember growing up feeling so bloated when I would eat the entire pizza. I’d feel sluggish and tired but I didn’t care because the taste was so delicious.

What are Health Benefits of Garlic?

I don’t know why people don’t use garlic that is one of the key medications for the heart. Well actually there’s really no money in it but there is some powerful information I want to share with you in relationship to garlic and heart health. Now of course anything I say is not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care check with your doctor. Before implementing this, you should at least know this information relating to how powerful garlic is in relationship to your cardiovascular function.

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