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Causes of Excessive Hair Growth in Females?

Androgen is a sex hormone which helps to start puberty, body development and reproductive health. Androgen hormone is basically a male hormone, but very little amount is produced in females. If their level increase in females, it caused different conditions in them. Facial hair growth is one of the results of high level of androgen in females. Facial hair growth is a common condition in females; therefore, they used different tactics to get rid of them. Let’s talk about how to get rid of your facial hair. If you are female the medical term

Sore Throat Remedy at Home

Sore throat infection is the infection of throat caused by different types of viruses or bacteria. In the symptoms of sore throat, there include sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, cough and painful swallowing. People used different medicines for this infection. But these medicines sometimes have side effects. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the best homemade syrup for cough and sore throat which has natural ingredients and do not have any side effect. This article is on one of the best remedies about coughing and a sore throat.

How to Stop Heart Attack

Heart attack is the condition in which blood supply to heart become low due to arteries blockage. Due to low blood supply heart area become hypoxic. Most of the people prevent themselves after timely understanding the signs of heart attack. But the question is “How to stop heart attack”? What would you do? Well, the very first thing we are going to discuss is to check with your doctor before implementing what we are discussing in this article. This is not meant to replace your medical care or your medication.

What are the Benefits of Physical Activity for Cancer Patients?

Exercise kills cancer cells. You know there are many different exercises for cancer patients but people do exercise for a lot of other health reasons for example for weight loss, general fitness but not a lot of people do exercise to prevent cancer or if they have cancer. To improve the outcome, I have some really interesting data that I’m going to share with you that not only shows an interesting connection but why it decreases the risk for cancer is very interesting study after study.

What are the Warning Signs of Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer in females. Millions of females affected each year by this lethal disorder. Early-stage breast cancer is easy to treat and is curable. Problem arises with metastatic breast cancer where cancerous cells spread to other areas of the body. The condition where cancer cell start spreading to other areas of the body from the site of their origin is called Malignant Tumor. If we specifically talk about b

Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C is good for your health because it is required for the important functions in the body. The amount of daily recommended vitamin C for men is 90mg and for women is 75mg per day. Therefore, low vitamin C level can impose serious impacts to health. There are roughly about seven ways to know if you are low in vitamin c, but I first want to cover some confusions about vitamin c.

What are Health Benefits of Garlic?

I don’t know why people don’t use garlic that is one of the key medications for the heart. Well actually there’s really no money in it but there is some powerful information I want to share with you in relationship to garlic and heart health. Now of course anything I say is not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care check with your doctor. Before implementing this, you should at least know this information relating to how powerful garlic is in relationship to your cardiovascular function.

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