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What are Health Benefits of Garlic?

How Can You Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke Through the Garlic?

How Can You Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke Through the Garlic?

I don’t know why people don’t use garlic that is one of the key medications for the heart. Well actually there’s really no money in it but there is some powerful information I want to share with you in relationship to garlic and heart health. Now of course anything I say is not meant to diagnose or replace your medical care check with your doctor. Before implementing this, you should at least know this information relating to how powerful garlic is in relationship to your cardiovascular function. So today I’m going to show you something straightforward inexpensive which is “garlic water”. Garlic has shown similar effects in lowering blood pressure to standard blood pressure, lowering medication, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what can garlic do for the heart. Simply, garlic is good for you.

Health Benefits of Garlic

  • It’s antiviral. Most colds are viruses in nature so at the first sign of a cold, you should be consuming garlic.
  • Anti-fungal. Now if you have a Candida infection or your tongue is like has a white film on it, garlic is the answer for that and when people take antibiotics, they end up with a Candida infection because the bacteria was supposed to keep this Candida in check and without that it can overgrow. So, garlic is very good at countering Candida which is a type of fungus.
  • Garlic is also antibacterial. You can take it as a natural antibiotic. it’s good for TB and even H-pylori which is one of the causes of ulcers.
  • Garlic are good as an anti-parasitic. It kills worms and parasites.
  • Lower Insulin. Garlic is also powerful in that; it can hit at the root of so many other problems simply by lowering insulin and improving insulin resistance which not just help your blood sugars but they help reduce things like a fatty liver which comes from excessive amounts of insulin.
  • Garlic’s powerful anti-cancer effects
  • Anti-inflammatory. Garlic helps arthritis and any type of it because it has powerful anti-inflammatory effects on anything like bursitis tendinitis arthritis.
  • Boost Endurance: Garlic can also increase endurance if you’re an athlete but today I’m going to kind of focus on the heart. Primarily there are over 43 clinical trials that show remarkable benefits of using garlic on the cardiovascular system.

Why Should You Include Garlic in Your Diet on a Regular Basis?

There’s a compound called thromboxane and this compound causes:

  1. Platelets to clump forming clots which then can get lodged in the heart vessels creating a heart attack
  2. It can pass through the arteries up into the brain potentially causing a stroke.

3. This compound causes vasoconstriction and what we’re talking about is a spasm of your coronary artery. Let me just cover this topic briefly so that you can understand what I’m talking about.

There’s something called unstable Angina. The unstable angina is related to a coronary artery spasm vasospastic. So, the arteries actually going to this constriction and in this type of angina you usually have unstable plaque that can break off and then get stuck in other parts of your vascular system causing a stroke or a heart attack. So, sometimes it can last for 10 minutes and it goes away and it comes back but this is the type of angina that can occur at rest in the middle of the night.

Whereas the stable angina has a plaque that has a fibrous cap. It’s more protected but can break off triggered by certain activity either some injury, maybe exercise or something that can break off this plaque then causing angina.

Risk Factors for Angina Attack

  • Smoking, of course nicotine
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes where you have an insulin problem and the arteries are very stiff
  • High blood pressure can be one of the signs of a heart attack
  • Stress can be a trigger
  • Insulin resistance which then will cause the inflammation inside the arteries
  • Alcohol is one cause marijuana can be a trigger and
  • Energy drinks. some of kids nowadays that drink a lot of energy drinks combine all this sugar with caffeine and there’s been quite a few incidents of heart attacks in our youth from energy drinks.

All right, let’s comeback to the compound thromboxane:

IV Potent hypertension: When this thromboxane is too high, you get high blood pressure and this chemical compound in your body occurs after injury and inflammation.

How to Inhibit the Production of Thromboxane Naturally?

There are several things that can inhibit this compound.

  • One is the major mechanism with blood thinner medication even aspirin works to inhibit this compound but garlic has several compounds that act as a natural inhibitor to this compound and without the side effects.
  • Olive oil also can inhibit this compound as well.

Benefits of Taking Garlic on Regular Basis

  • When we’re talking about the effects of garlic on heart attack and stroke, we’re talking about to make sure that you don’t develop clots. Hence it reduces heart attack symptoms
  • Most of the people have same question that “Can garlic lower blood pressure”. Garlic has natural properties to lower blood pressure You can eat raw garlic. There are a lot of raw garlic benefits
  • Reduces artery stiffness probably because it lowers insulin.
  • It can help lower your calcium score. There’s really a good test that is probably one of the best predictors of heart attacks and it’s a coronary artery calcification test. It should be zero. If it’s greater than 400 or 500 or even over a thousand that actually can predict your chances of getting a heart attack. So it’s a very good test to get done. But guess what garlic can help lower the calcium in the studies that they did for statins in relationship to trying to lower this calcium score. They were not successful but garlic can help lower this score.
  • Garlic also can help balance out your lipids and cholesterol as well as help you produce more bile that then helps to regulate the cholesterol and lipids. Because bile is necessary to get rid of an excessive amount of cholesterol from the body, so garlic increases bile.
  • Since garlic is very antimicrobial because it works on viruses, funguses and bacteria. It can greatly help another thing related to the heart called infective endocarditis. There’s actually an infection with staph bacteria.
  • Sometimes there’s a fungus-biofilms that are occurring right inside the arteries and garlic can act as a natural antibiotic without the side effects. So that’s just one more benefit of garlic can do for your cardiovascular system.

Let’s summarize garlic can help thin the blood. So, you don’t develop a clot. It’s antimicrobial, if there’s an infection helps to mobilize excess cholesterol and other lipids from your arteries because it can increase bile production. It can help regulate the pressure encounter due to vasoconstriction. It can help soften the arteries and remove any excess calcium.

How to Make Garlic Water

  • Crush one clove of garlic
  • Put it in some water from eight to twelve ounces of water.
  • Add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Let this sit for about 15 minutes because we want all these phytonutrients to be released from the garlic.
  • We’re also putting the extra virgin olive oil in there not just to help you reduce that compound we just talked about (thromboxane) but it also, helps the absorption of some of these phytonutrients since they’re fat soluble.
  • The last part is just drink it on a regular basis.

Garlic water has so many health benefits. You don’t have to make garlic water just for drinking, you can put in the food, you can take it as a supplement. There are probably over 100 ways to take garlic. Just make sure your garlic doesn’t come from industrial areas because they sometimes grow with chlorinated chemicals and sometimes, they use sewage as their fertilizer. So, get it locally or better yet grow it yourself.

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