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What should be the Best Daily Routine for Healthy Life?

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Healthy Morning Routine Before Work

Your morning routine before work can either set you up for an amazing or an awful start of the day. If your start of the day is bad it will make you exhausted after some time. You will become unproductive, unhealthy and unfocused throughout the day. So, let’s talk about some early morning health tips that you might want to add or remove from your morning routine. It will help you to start your day with a lot of energy and make you enable to start your work in a healthy way.

1. Snoozing Alarm

Most of the people do not get up at their alarm time but they tend to hit the snooze button again and again. This habit not only disturbs the healthy sleep but it can also put a negative impact in a way by installing the feelings of tiredness for the whole day. With extra 10 minutes of snoozing alarm sleep, you’re granting yourself over and over again, is no productive sleep at all. It can throw off your body’s internal clock disrupting the timing of important biological processes. if you still can’t imagine waking up without snoozing consider the following tips

Don’t Get Sleep After Snoozing Alarm

The purpose of snoozing should be a backup alarm so that it can protect you from sleeping again. You cannot ignore your preliminary alarm. So, you should use snoozing in a way of letting your brain to gradually wake up instead of falling back to sleep again.

Try to Use the Snooze Alarm for One-Time Only

Snoozing is not harmful for your health and sleep until it is used for one time only. The harms of snoozing start when you start using it again and again. The other important thing which people do is they set snooze alarm time for 20-30 minutes. It increases the chances of sleeping again. Therefore, it is necessary to bound the additional relaxing time to 10 minutes. If your frequency to hit the snooze button is high then there are higher chances that you can damage your brain and can develop sleeping disorder.

Putting Your Alarm on the Other Side of Your Bedroom

This old trick can work quite well because you’re less likely to fall back to sleep because you have to stand up to set off the alarm. The benefit of this trick is that, after setting off the alarm by this technique will least your chances to fall back asleep. When your alarm goes on, do not rush towards your alarm clock quickly, instead concentrate on yourself by taking few minutes.

2. Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee everyday can be a powerful energizer because it contains caffeine which is essentially a drug much like the effects of any other drug. you can become dependent on taking coffee very quickly while needing more and more to wake you up. Most of the people use drinking coffee for weight loss. If you are willing to stop taking coffee, then it should not be so quick. If you do so, you are very likely to face the negative health impacts of taking out of coffee. The health impacts may be in the form of tiredness, touchiness, nuisances, and many other irritating issues. Instead, try to reduce the amount of coffee intake over a week and swap out your cup of coffee with a a fresh glass of water. Of course, nothing speaks against a cup of coffee every now and then but make sure not being dependent on it.

3. Working Out in the Morning

The best time to start your work out is morning time but you can start your work whenever you can. We all got different schedules and different preferences. But morning time is the only time which is best for exercise. If you only have time in the evening or want to hit the gym with your friends go for it. You can also use the morning to do some quick mobility work that you might have skipped in your regular training later that day. To make that as easy as possible you can include mobility training in some of your morning habits. For example, use your 10-minute snooze window to do some mobility work right in your bed. If you don’t like that how about doing some exercises while brushing your teeth?

4. Eating or Skipping Breakfast

Again, this comes down to personal preferences because different people have different breakfast options. what matters most is the total amount of food consumed throughout the day. The time of consumption can only be a small add-on when everything else is set up well. So, if you are hungry in the morning and feel more energized with breakfast go for it. If you’re not hungry and have no problems waiting till lunch skip it. If you’re doing intermittent fasting it’s also often recommended to skip breakfast. But what matters most is to stick to the plant fasting in a wall. So, if you prefer skipping dinner, you can also, do it that way.

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