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Causes of Excessive Hair Growth in Females?

Androgen is a sex hormone which helps to start puberty, body development and reproductive health. Androgen hormone is basically a male hormone, but very little amount is produced in females. If their level increase in females, it caused different conditions in them. Facial hair growth is one of the results of high level of androgen in females. Facial hair growth is a common condition in females; therefore, they used different tactics to get rid of them. Let’s talk about how to get rid of your facial hair. If you are female the medical term

How to Get Good Looking Skin

Everyone wants a younger look. For younger look, people used different tactics which are mostly based on nutrition and supplements. Our major focus should be on healthy diet than supplements because intake of supplements for a long period could be harmful in future. In this article we’re going to talk about how to look at least 10 years younger from your original age. It’s just very basic common sense because if you think about it and if you want really youthful skin, you should consider first that “what does skin in man have”? Fat or protein? Is it made out of unsaturated fats? No, it’s made out of saturated fats. So, take a wild guess what you should be eating more?

Best Homemade Tips for Weight Loss

Weight loss seems to be the big ticket today. So, many people try different weight loss exercises. Best exercises to lose weight are cycling, swimming, Yoga, weight training and many more. Poor diet, refined and processed foods put a burden on our pancreas. It causes our insulin to spike as well as our glucose eventually develop insulin resistance.
But the problem with too much insulin is that we store too much fat and that fat that we’re storing is visceral fat, the key thing.

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