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What are the Warning Signs of Breast Cancer?

6 Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

6 Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer in females. Millions of females affected each year by this lethal disorder. Early-stage breast cancer is easy to treat and is curable. Problem arises with metastatic breast cancer where cancerous cells spread to other areas of the body. The condition where cancer cell start spreading to other areas of the body from the site of their origin is called Malignant Tumor. If we specifically talk about breast cancer then there are actually six early symptoms of breast cancer that I want to Share with you. I’m going to share some additional things of what to do if you happen to have breast cancer.

  1. Enlargement or change of shape in one of your breasts: If you start noticing that things are not symmetrical or there’s something swollen going on, that could be an indication.
  2. Palpable breast nodules:  Now, I want to differentiate if you start to feel a nodule close to your armpit, chances are that could be a lymph node. That swollen maybe you’re coming down with some infection. So, just because you feel unnatural doesn’t at all mean its cancer.
  3. Tenderness: It could be cancer but sometimes cancer has no pain. It potentially could be an indicator but not necessarily. It would be better to contact with your health advisor as early as possible.
  4. Changing color: If the breast tissue is changing like reddish color that could be an indication.
  5. Skin changes especially around the nipple: If it’s flaky or there’s some rough areas that could indicate possibly breast cancer.
  6. Bloody discharge: coming from the nipple that can also indicate breast cancer.

What else do these Symptoms Indicate?

Now just because you have one or more of these, does not mean you have cancer. In fact, it could be something else like fibrocystic breasts which are kind of like small little cysts that develop because you have iodine deficiency. It could be that the bra that you’re wearing is too tight creating redness or tenderness. Now when we talk about breast cancer sometimes people have a question about mammograms or thermography. what you should know about both of these diagnostic tests? They’re good at picking up small masses which is kind of like early detection but they have not decreased the risk of dying from breast cancer.

What is Mammogram?

It is the examination of breasts for the purpose of diagnosis and screening of breast cancer by using X-rays. However, mammograms have actually increased the risk of doing more harm to the breasts. Why? Because number one, it compresses the breast and number two they’re using radiation to see the breast. The very nature of cancer originated from some trauma to your cells specifically mitochondria from something. Both trauma and radioactive trauma can trigger damage to your mitochondria. So, if you decide to do a mammogram you should just know the risks or harm to the breast may be significant.

What is Thermography?

Now what about thermography? It is a diagnosis test in which infrared camera is used to identify the blood flow and heat pattern in body tissues. Well, thermographic inspection is less traumatic and it does pick up very small little things but it doesn’t actually tell you for sure if it’s cancer. Many people have been diagnosed with cancer from a mammogram and breast thermography.

Limitations of Diagnostic Tests:

Unfortunately, there is no good test out there for early detection of cancer. You should just know that your best solution is prevention. If you have cancer, I’m going to recommend something but I first want to mention the other things here when you’re told you have cancer. You immediately go into a fear state and in the incidence of people dying right around when the doctor tells them they’re going to die is very high. In other words, if the doctor says you have three months to live you tend to die roughly around three months. Is that a co-incidence? I don’t know how does the doctor know for sure how long you have to live. Based on experience, based on past cases what potentially could happen is you can end up worrying a healthy person and put them in fear. It is the absolute worst condition to be in for your health because in that first day you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You don’t have a solution. It’s a problem without a solution that’s effective so that is a very terrible place to be in.

So, there are two situations;

  1. Prevention from the risks of cancer
  2. Fasting.

 Fasting is the most powerful antidote to cancer but you have to do prolonged fasting. There’s a lot of great research behind this as well. Fasting the state in which your intake of food materials become very less. In other words, in fasting, your body become dependent on the body’s fats and other stuff like these instead of the intake of food materials. The process of phagocytosis become hyperactive during fasting. Cancerous cells are also unnecessary for the body. Therefore, body also phagocytosed them. Hence, the chances of cancer to spread become very low.

What is the Solution

If you don’t have cancer, actively and aggressively do things to prevent cancer.

  • You’d want to be in foods that create a healthy body and that don’t destroy the body, that don’t destroy the mitochondria.
  • Use low carbohydrates foods
  • Use cruciferous vegetables
  • Do whatever you can to lower your stress because stress can also activate certain genes that could activate cancer as well.
  • The other thing about cancer is that cancer seems to spread into areas of inflammation. If there’s an old injury to the breast for example, cancer tends to spread into that old injury. So, this is just another reason why you should do things to create health especially to lower inflammation in your body everywhere in the body.
  • If someone is a diabetic or they’re pre-diabetic or they’re consuming a lot of the wrong foods they’re going to have very high inflammatory markers and that alone can be a trigger for cancer or something that cancer can spread.

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